On a Mission to Make Muslims Regular Givers.

BlessingUP has been developed by the Team of Feeling Blessed – the most convenient, simple and efficient app for Muslims to engage and manage their charitable giving. After enabling thousands of Muslims to share their blessings, raising millions of dollars for Muslim causes, and helping hundreds of nonprofits locally and globally, they now want to convert every purchase into an Ibadah.
Feeling Blessed was created to celebrate Allah’s blessings through charity. BlessingUP has been created to get blessed.

Our Story

We are a team on a mission to empower people to do good frequently. We also want to help nonprofits collect donations consistently, not occasionally. By rounding up spare change, we have created BlessingUP as a set-and-forget tool for Muslims to share their blessings regularly, support a good cause constantly, and please Allah perpetually.

Our Team

Tauseef Rab


Abdul Sattar Edhi

Sameen Siddiqi

Managing Director

Fatima Al Fihri

Humza Irfan

Director Customer Success

Ibn Al Haytham

Aisha Imam

Business Manager

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

Hamza Saghir


Abdul Sattar Edhi