Frequently Asked Questions

For Donors

What type of non-profit organization can I donate to via BlessingUP?

Any registered 501 (c) 3 Muslim organization with a bank account in the United States. If you do not see your non profit of choice in our list, send us an email at

Will my donations be tax-deductible?

Yes. BlessingUP will send you a tax receipt every year. You can also print your receipts any time of the year from the user dashboard. 

Do I have to share my bank account information?

Yes. If you want to donate the change from your purchases, we will need a read-only access to your account to calculate the rounded change.

When will the sadaqah happen?

It will be donated every Friday.

How does the sadaqah appear on the card statement?

It will appear as the name of the nonprofit you signed up for the sadaqah.

Can donors change which nonprofit they give sadaqah to?

Yes, you can do that from your account settings.

Is BlessingUP secure?

Yes, donations processed through BlessingUP are completely secure. We use Stripe as our payment processor. Only Stripe has access to your credit or debit card number. This information is never shared with the BlessingUP Team, non-profits or outside agencies.

Is Donor Information shared with third parties?

No Donor information is never saved, shared or sold to third parties. 

How does BlessingUP make money?

We charge a small processing fee from the nonprofit for handling sadaqah.

For Nonprofits

Are there any set up costs or fees for using BlessingUP platform?

There are no set up fees. Non profits can make their account and profile for free on the platform. There is a service fee of 40¢ + 0.8% for every donation. If the total number of donors for your non profit crosses 100, the fee will drop to 20¢ + 0.8%

How will the donation appear on the bank statement of our non-profit?

It will appear as a deposit from Stripe.

How often will our non-profit receive funds?

Sadaqah will be deposited every Friday.

Can we use BlessingUP without registering on Stripe?

No. It is necessary to use the Stripe API to ensure that your information and donations are secure. 

What is the “Organization Profile” Page?

It enables non profits to provide information about their location, description, impact statements etc. This will help donors to search or choose the organization for donation.

Will the non profit organization get donor information from BlessingUP?

Yes, admins will have access to their donor data such as name, email address, phone number and donation amount. Data can be exported via .csv file for organization’s CRM.

How can our nonprofit reach BlessingUP for help?

For technical assistance, send us an email at or set up a phone call.