Why should I use BlessingUP

When spending in this world (Dunya) your change will be investing for the hereafter (Akhirah).

"Those who spend of their goods in charity by night and by day in secret and in public shall have their reward with their Lord."
(Al Quran, 02:274)


Automate the sadaqah giving process to help you be blessed with Allah’s barakah continuously


Control how little or how big sadaqah you make easily with BlessingUP


Generate Tax Deductible Reports instantly and track your donations

A Note On Security

Your security is our top priority which is why we use Stripe as our payment processor and Plaid as our bank authenticator.

Companies using Plaid:


My dad always said Sadaqah protects one from unexpected harm. Being a young mom of three, trouble always seems to be up the sleeves. I found BlessingUP from a friend and fell in love with the tool I wasn't looking for. Its set and forget mechanism is perfect for busy people who would forget to earn benefits of sadaqah otherwise. I also like that I receive an email every week to tell me how much has been rounded and donated.

Aisha Kamal

I have been seeing rounding donations in grocery stores. Happy to see a website especially for supporting projects for the ummah and that too when I am shopping anywhere, not just in a specific grocery store. Kudos to the team who built this.

Ahmed Irfan

I am very grateful to Allah for my blessings and feel passionate about supporting a good cause. However I am also mostly occupied juggling with full time work and receiving an advanced degree. By supporting my favorite mission through BlessingUP, I feel assured I am doing some good even when I cannot contribute big amounts of money or time.

Ayaan Faraz

Our organization created an account on BlessingUP only because there did not seem any harm in trying out a new tool for free. Now we feel very happy with the consistent donations we have been able to receive. It has helped us in making accurate projections, better planning and more effective impact. Highly recommend this website for converting your occasional donors into consistent ones - for no registration fee.

Irfan Waheed - CoFounder Rising Sun USA Chapter